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V&P Global is built on world class research and market intelligence, focussed on providing impartial data and meaningful insights, to underpin and ensure better informed decision-making through market mapping, benchmarking and due diligence for senior level hires.  This minimises risk and maximises reward.

We have extensive experience in the legal sector and specialise in providing rigorous and confidential research to leading law firms both in the UK and worldwide.

Our in-depth research will give you a clear and immediate competitive advantage – arming you with the timely, detailed, accurate and commercially relevant information you need in order to make informed and effective decisions.

Our people insight and business intelligence will support your decision making and enable you to plan ahead with confidence. Using a combination of source discussions and desktop research tools, we will help you understand and assess people, opportunities and markets, through the eyes of competitors, clients and other well-placed market commentators.

Our aim is always to deliver thematic analysis and actionable intelligence of immediate commercial value to you.

Talent mapping is about ensuring that you know who the top-quality talent is before the need to hire arises. This is about being pre-emptive, not waiting for a vacancy to occur, but already knowing who the best candidates in the market are, where they work and how much they will cost. With this data, inhouse recruiters/HR hiring teams can act speedily whenever the need arises.

We identify team structures, reporting lines and workstream relationships that allow our clients to benchmark their own resourcing and organisational design decisions and quickly and seamlessly build talent pipelines.

Talent mapping is undertaken by engaging directly with market professionals. Instead of relying on LinkedIn or other social or professional media sites, we actually speak to the very people you are looking to identify. This ensures our findings are detailed, corroborated and fully up-to-date.

Our process

  • Agree with our client exact talent pool to be identified, along with any required lateral intelligence (reporting lines, salary details, propensity to move etc.)
  • Consolidate and review all publicly available information and cross-reference with our proprietary company database
  • Engage with provisionally identified talent to build out complete teams, reporting lines and organisational matrices
  • Corroborate and cross-reference all data; issue report including (as required) organograms, candidate lists, key findings, salary information, perception analysis, propensity to move and recommendations regarding candidate engagement

Who do we speak to?

 Typically, our talent mapping projects involve engagement with the following sources:

  • Professionals within target teams
  • Ex-employees of target teams
  • Clients of target teams and other relevant stakeholders

Market insight projects allow clients to gain unique market advantage and make key, global decisions based on demonstrated intelligence. For example, if you are looking to launch a new practice area, hiring a new team to break into something that you do not currently have, you need to understand how that launch, that hire will be received and perceived in the market by the market.

Our clients come to us because our associates can identify and engage with dozens of market sources, piecing together the unique set of insights that you require. We are able to do this with tact and diplomacy, so the wider market need never know what you’re trying to find out.

Perception is everything. Knowing what people think about your firm, clients, candidates, competitors – is the first step towards building a market-leading brand.

Typically, clients mandate perception analysis studies when they are looking to develop a new area of business but, increasingly, perception analysis is also used when a business is underperforming. Perhaps they are struggling to hire. Maybe they are losing business to the same competitor firms. Or it might just be a case of not maximising a particular client base. Whatever the issue, you can only fix it if you understand why it is happening.

Our Associates go straight to the heart of the problem. We speak directly to the target demographic and find out exactly what they are thinking, saying and feeling. Should it be necessary, we have even developed a methodology which allows us to gain all the necessary insight without divulging the identity of our client.

Our Process

  • Agree with our client the underlying issue; agree target demographic and work with the client to craft appropriate list of questions
  • Identify appropriate number of sources drawn from target demographic; this should exceed required number of responses in order to allow for refusals or unreliable testimonies
  • Approach sources via telephone and/or email, as required
  • Collate, review and interrogate all obtained data; issue report presenting statistical findings along with commentary and analysis, conclusions, recommendations and suggested next actions

Do you pay your staff a fair market rate? How diverse is your team? Is your business understaffed or is it actually better resourced than most of your competitors? A benchmark study will provide the answers to these and any number of other questions you might reasonably ask yourself as an employer.

Our Process

  • Agree with the client the precise data and insights required; decide upon relevant target companies and teams; craft approaches and questions for sources; confirm timelines, updates, deliverables and confidentiality levels
  • Identify and engage with a large volume of professionals in relevant companies and teams; cross-reference data within and across teams to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Collate, review and interrogate all acquired data; issue report with key findings and in-depth analysis of competitor firms.
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