Firm representation

Real Estate Partner Search – London
Our real estate team recently worked on a retained search for one of our international clients. The client has one of the best regarded real estate teams across London, the US and Asia and wanted to grow their London practice and to make a transformational hire. They had looked for the right fit unsuccessfully for over 2 years and had 2 undertaken unsuccessful searches with 2 different agencies. The head of the team made it clear that this would be their last “throw of the dice” and if it didn’t work then it was back to the drawing board and a review of the strategy. We worked with the client to identify the type of profile they needed to achieve the growth they wanted. We established the “sell” and got agreement from all the stakeholders. We looked at the previously unsuccessful searches and identified areas that we thought we could revisit where the ‘sell’ had been misunderstood and people that had been missed out.

Initial scope
We worked closely with the Global and UK Heads of Real Estate as well as their Head of Partner Recruitment to understand the structure of the real estate group and their strategy.

The firm’s real estate department was in growth mode and was looking to strengthen its real estate capabilities with the recruitment of a partner as part of its continued commitment to the area. Given the firm’s already substantial global and London real estate capabilities and enviable client list, the successful candidate:

  • had to be from a leading real estate practice and a “name” in the market to help take the team to the next level;
  • would augment the Londo team with experience in any of the following: Hotels and Leisure, Investment, Corporate and Private Equity;
  • had to have an exceptional portable following that would be transformative to the team.

In addition to the above criteria, any lateral hire had to be an excellent cultural fit, a team player and demonstrate their ability to thrive within the firm’s fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment.

The first step was to map the market. Using our understanding of the real estate market and our extensive research capability, we mapped out the leading real estate partners in top firms, using our understanding of the partners’ client-bases and work types plus the partnership structures at each firm to identify those that were most likely to match our client’s requirements.

We had to be very conscious of how small and well networked the high value real estate market is in London, particularly at the experience level our client wanted, so discretion was crucial when information gathering prior to agreeing a shortlist of partners who would be perfect for the role.

In addition, because only a small percentage of the market is ever active or open to opportunities at any one time, our success depends on understanding our client firm and the firms of potential candidates. By identifying potential push and pull factors for each of our target candidates, we can immediately identify candidates who may be more susceptible to a targeted approach and increase the potential for successfully progressing those partners to interview stage.

Once the list was finalised, we approached partners, conducting preliminary meetings and using competency-based questions to evaluate their skills and suitability as well as push / pull factors before moving on to first meetings with the client. In some situations, we discovered that partners would not be appropriate for the role and they did not proceed to interview stage.

Part of the process was ensuring we had multiple interviews running concurrently so that our client could directly compare CVs, personalities and likely fit. By running the interview processes in this manner, it is easier to quickly identify partners that stand out from the rest. In this case, after the initial interview stages there was one partner who, in addition to ticking all the technical boxes, had the potential to open up new supply lines and opportunities for the firm and really aid in the development of the real estate group.

This partner was soon asked to complete a business plan and video conference with the global real estate group. We supported the partner with their business plan and liaised throughout to ensure all meetings / video conferences went smoothly. By keeping close contact with our client and the partner we were able to support both sides through every stage of the process.

The result
Following two unsuccessful searches, the hire of a high profile and well-respected partner who absolutely fits their brief, their culture and is excited to be a part of their growth strategy. This was more than they had expected but exactly what they hoped for.


Corporate partner search – London
A longstanding client asked us to assist them with the hire of a corporate partner as part of their firm’s continued growth and diversification. The firm has a significant private wealth focus and their aim is to become the leading firm for private individuals and their businesses. The growth of their corporate practice was core to this aim and, despite talking to a number of individuals independently, they had not had success in finding a partner who met their criteria.

Initial scope
Having worked with the firm for a number of years and across a number of practice areas, we already had a good understanding of their culture, strategy and core sectors, meaning we were well placed to find candidates who would perfectly fit their requirements.

The mainstay of the corporate business was primarily real estate corporate work, working closely with good quality banking, tax and employment. The aim of the hire was to diversify the corporate group into areas which were synergistic to the firm’s wider client base of owner managed businesses, HNWIs, family offices and smaller PE houses.

Working with the head of corporate, the managing partner and the HR director, we were able to truly understand their needs and agreed the criteria:

  • A rainmaker who could support the current practice head at a more senior level.
  • The candidate would have good management skills and would be able to support the development of the junior partners and associates in the team.
  • The candidate needed to be excited about the potential to build a practice and develop something complementary to other teams within the firm.

The process
Having agreed the criteria, we were given the mandate to find a suitable candidate for the role. The firm’s trust in us and our understanding of their business and strategy meant that we were able to identify potential candidates from less obvious target firms and work creatively to find the right partner.

As it happens, the right partner came from an accountancy firm. While the partner was very happy and successfully leading a team dedicated to private business, the challenge of developing and building a challenger to leading firms in his market raised enough curiosity for him to want a first meeting.

The first interview confirmed what we had felt from our conversations with the candidate, that his practice would be an ideal fit and his experience of growing a team meant that he would be in a great position to help with the strategic growth of the team. However, the issue remained that while the partner enjoyed the meeting and could see that our client would be a good fit for his practice, he was happy at his firm and did not really have any push factors. This placed all the emphasis on the pull factors of the role.

The partner agreed to a second meeting with the managing partner to understand more about firm and their strategy. Working with the firm we helped them to identify the areas which would most appeal to the partner and to develop a strategy outlining how his hire would positively impact the firm.

Working closely with the head of corporate and the managing partner, we were able to share the vision for the corporate team, demonstrating the support from management and the clear firm-wide strategy which was invested in corporate growth. The candidate was quickly able to understand the firm’s commitment to the corporate group and, more specifically, their aim to build a market leading practice for private business and his role in achieving that. Through conversations with us and those we arranged with the firm he soon understood the potential to build something genuinely exciting from their platform and was committed to the move.

We then worked with the head of corporate and the candidate to develop a joint business plan which set out their goals and the opportunities which would result from such a significant hire. It was clear that this hire would be transformational for both the corporate team and the firm as a whole and the firm was keen to make the hire. We advised the candidate through offer and acceptance to resignation and he was able to join his new firm sooner than expected.

For our client, hiring a corporate partner whose practice and experience fits so perfectly with their firmwide sector focus, who has the ambition to build a leading practice, means that they are able to take the next step in their strategic growth.


Arbitration partner search – Paris
A longstanding client, whom we knew well in London, wanted to hire an arbitration partner in Paris. The hire needed to dovetail with the London arbitration team as well as create cross referral opportunities for other teams in Paris. The London team reached out to V&P because of our intricate knowledge of their firm and our track record in Paris.

Initial Scope
The driver behind the recruitment was the London arbitration team: this hire was business critical to them and continuing to provide a top tier arbitration offering to clients. The London team wanted a partner that would fit in terms of practice and work style. The Paris team wanted a partner they felt they could get along with as well as someone who might create opportunities for other practice areas in Paris outside of arbitration. While we had not worked with the Paris team previously, our relationship with the team in London and track record of work in Paris led them to trust our experience to retain us to help them with the search. We then focussed on understanding the separate and shared requirements.

We agreed the remit as:

  • A French qualified partner focussed on arbitration in Paris;
  • A partner working in some of the firm’s core sectors ideally including energy and infrastructure;
  • A partner with some experience of arbitration linked to Francophone Africa;
  • A partner who would cross sell to the Paris team (outside of disputes) while augmenting the London arbitration offering.

The first step was to map the market. We used our longstanding knowledge of the Paris disputes world and research capability to map the arbitration market. We then created a shortlist of partners who worked in the firm’s core sectors and had Francophone African links. Using our knowledge of the London team we were able to identify people who fitted their criteria. Through careful analysis of the Paris team’s requirement we were able to further focus on a shortlist of people who would create opportunities for them and with whom we felt they could work.

After agreeing the target shortlist we met with most of the target candidates and then presented our findings and the partners we suggested progressing to interview stage. We were careful to understand and present the ‘added value’ for both the London and Paris teams to ensure they bought in to the hire. 

Initially the client had a number of great quality partners in play, however, as the discussions progressed, one partner stood out and whom we supported through the interview process in Paris and London. This partner fit all the criteria bur had not been looking to move when we approached them. However, throughout the interview discussions, we along with the London and Paris teams were able to demonstrate the opportunity this firm could provide the partner and his practice.

Business plans and a focussed 12-month plan were created with the London and Paris teams so that the shared opportunity was understood and all parties agreed their role in achieving the plan.

We supported the partner through acceptance and resignation. This included helping them to analyse and eventually refuse a counter-offer from their firm.  We also helped the London team to structure an offer which had to take into consideration the specifics of French lawyers taxation. The timing was managed so the partner could immediately begin marketing with his new team at scheduled International Arbitration events.

We were pleased to support a longstanding client and build deeper relationships with the global firm. The London and Paris teams were happy to have a known name in the Paris arbitration market join and improve the client service and profile of both offices. The partner also helped to immediately improve their directory rankings as well as becoming a highly valued member of the firm.

Competition & Antitrust Team Search – Brussels
A longstanding client recently asked our European team to assist them with the hire of a competition and antitrust team to add to their growing Brussels office. The client is a US firm with strong global capabilities and one of the largest competition teams in the market. They had developed a successful Brussels practice and were looking to add a top competition team who could improve their visibility in the market and who could work alongside the existing Brussels office and the global competition group as part of the next stage of the firm’s development of their competition capabilities. Prior to engaging with us, the firm had spoken with a number of individuals independently but had not previously had success in finding the right team.

Initial scope
We had worked with the firm for a number of years across several offices and thus had a good understanding of their culture, strategy and core practice areas. This made us well-placed to find candidates who would fit their criteria.

On this matter, we worked closely with the European Managing Partner and the Head of Brussels to understand the requirements for this project.

The firm’s Brussels office was in growth mode and was looking to strengthen its offering to clients with the addition of a team who could add to its ability to handle high-value competition matters. The aim of the hire was to strengthen and diversify the global and Belgian competition teams and raise the profile of the firm’s Brussels offering. As part of our conversations with the European Managing Partner and the Head of Brussels, we were able to understand their needs and agreed the criteria:

  • A team of two or three partners with a portable following and established client relationships;
  • A diverse sector focus that would be synergistic with the existing team and capabilities to cover all key areas of competition law at the EU level;
  • The team would need to have a strong reputation and a ‘name’ in the market in order to help take the firm’s Brussels offering to the next level.

The first step was to map the market. Using our understanding of the Brussels market and extensive research capability, we mapped out the leading competition & antitrust partners and used our knowledge of our client’s culture and the opportunity to narrow down the list to the candidates who would most closely meet the criteria.

We spoke with several teams in the market and assessed whether they would fit with the client and the specific opportunity. We subsequently narrowed it down to two teams who fit the criteria and would offer the client what they were looking for, each with slightly different expertise to provide comparisons.

After interviewing both teams our client quickly settled on one team who they felt would fit perfectly with their office and wider offering.

The team who were successful in this case were a talented international team from a US firm whose ambitions fit very well with our client’s. The team’s partners were looking to join a firm with a wider global platform where they could take their practice to the next level and be more entrepreneurial.

It was important to the candidates to ensure that the firm’s strategy aligned well with their own approach and goals. We were able to accomplish this through arranging a series of meetings at the beginning of the process with key members of the client’s Brussels team and the European competition team, so that the client and candidates could quickly gain an understanding of their respective strategies, working styles and goals.

After these first meetings, both sides were ready and excited to move forward. We worked with the Head of Brussels and the candidates to develop a business plan setting out the synergies and opportunities as well as predicted billings and business development approach. Further meetings were simultaneously arranged with key figures at the client firm based across Europe and the US, and we worked with the client and candidates to arrange scheduling and travel to ensure that these meetings could be conducted in a timely manner.

We advised both sides through acceptance and resignation and the team was able to join their new firm with unusual speed so that they could participate in a pre-planned firm retreat where they would be able to kickstart the integration process.

The result was a team hire that perfectly fit what our client had been looking for. The candidates ere able to jump right into their new team by participating in a firm retreat within their first two weeks upon joining the client firm. The client was happy to have a talented team joining their Brussels office who could raise their profile in the market, and the candidates were excited to join a firm where they could take their practice to the next level and be active figures in taking the client’s global competition team to the next level.


Corporate team search – Singapore
An international law firm and long-term client asked us to assist them in adding corporate capability to their Singapore office. The firm had been in Singapore for a number of years with a very successful office but had a strategic need for a corporate capability specific to Singapore law.

Initial scope
The firm has a leading corporate practice globally, including an established practice across a number of Asian locations. What they were looking for was a partner with a strong Singapore law corporate practice that could dovetail across the firm’s sector strengths, with a focus on technology and financial services. The ideal scenario would be to recruit a small team with an existing track record and proven associate support that could integrate into the broader Singapore office.

The process
Given our track record in Singapore, we have a strong network within the corporate market across both foreign and Singapore law firms. Understanding our client’s requirement and the existing platform and culture, we introduced a highly rated corporate team. The team was led by an entrepreneurial partner and perfectly aligned from a sector and client perspective, with several shared clients with the client firm.

The candidate had a number of meetings, both in person and via VC, with stakeholders in Asia and internationally. The candidate was quickly able to understand the firm’s existing platform, strategic rational and the opportunity for them to provide a capability that was a current gap and integrate into a market leading and cohesive global group.    

We advised the partner throughout the interview and business plan process. Once their position was confirmed we also worked with the broader team of associates through their own interview process. We advised the team through offer and acceptance, navigating their resignation and negotiating their exit free of restrictions.   

This team was a successful strategic hire for our client. They had been looking to add a corporate capability to the Singapore office for a number of years, and the team we recruited for them clearly aligned across practice and sector focus, with clear potential to combine and build together. There was a very positive cultural fit as well, and a strong relationship was build from the outset between the team and the firm.

Our team recently worked with a longstanding global client on the opening of their first office in Brussels. We worked with the client from idea formulation through to the physical opening of the office, providing support at each stage.

Initial scope
We engaged with our client’s senior management team including the Chairman, Managing Partner, Head of Department and HR Lead. Working closely with senior leaders to gather a deep understanding of their requirements we helped to formulate a plan regarding the ideal size and the practice areas wanted.

We agreed the assignment brief to find:

  • Up to 6 partners, initially, with plans to focus on Competition & Antitrust, Regulatory and International Trade law.
  • The office could be made up of an existing team or separate teams covering the practice areas.
  • The team would need to dovetail with the existing European and US Competition & Antitrust teams as well as the firm’s global specialist sector capability.

Once the search criteria was agreed, we used our tested methodology, combining our extensive database and market intelligence as well as our existing network and industry recommendations, to market map and to formulate a shortlist which was then agreed with the client.

We identified teams whose practices and client-base were synergistic with the hiring firm. This shortlist included larger groups that could satisfy all the criteria and we also identified smaller teams focussing specifically on competition law, regulatory law, or international trade law.

Having established the business fit, by entrenching ourselves in the culture of our client and the approach of the candidates, working with both sides to understand their needs, we were able to ensure that the shortlisted candidates were people the firm could envisage working with and who would work well with each other. 

After meeting the shortlisted candidates several times, the client decided to move forward with four, separate, smaller teams rather than a single team because the immediate synergies identified with these individuals convinced the client that they would be the best fit for the firm.

The decision to move forward with these teams to create the launch group made it imperative that we ensure they would have chemistry and work well together, without sacrificing confidentiality.

Initial attention to detail in putting together the shortlist aided this, in addition to dedicated time understanding the potential crossover of clients and work as well as the working styles and personalities of the various lawyers involved.

We worked with the partners to develop their individual business plans, complete the client’s Lateral Partner Questionnaire and to arrange multiple meetings in different countries with key global figures at the client firm. Throughout this stage we stayed in close contact with the client and worked with them to progress along the agreed timeline.

Five months into the process the client made offers to the lawyers they had selected from the shortlist. We conducted further due diligence at this point to ensure that none of the candidates had any negative perceptions of each other and worked with the client to arrange for the blind meeting, where the candidates were introduced to each other and met as a group for the first time.

We continued to collaborate with the firm and candidates throughout the final months of the process to finalise the office business plan and strategy development, facilitate the arrangement of further meetings with partners at the client firm across the globe, agreeing and signing the contracts, and coordinating resignations and start dates.

We also helped support them to agree office logistics and produced information for the client on the Brussels legal market.

Our client was able to find and hire the right team meeting all their requirements to open their new office and the whole team was able to onboard together.

A key contributor to this achievement was working with a wonderful group of people on both the candidate and client side.

The process from start to finish took approximately 12 months, and through hard work (and the cooperation of everyone involved) we were able to keep it entirely confidential (something that we are immensely proud of)  in a very small and networked market until the team was in place and ready to dive into their new roles.


Our team worked with a longstanding global client on the opening of their office in Madrid. We worked with the client from idea formulation through to the physical opening of the office, providing support at each stage.

Initial scope
We engaged with our client’s senior management team led by the Global Managing Partner to gain a detailed understanding of the firm’s strategic requirements and rationale for establishing the office in Madrid. We explored how this would augment the provision for the global client-base and sector fit.  We worked closely with senior management to formulate a brief for what we needed to achieve including ideal office size, practice focus and partner personality profiles.

We agreed the assignment brief to find:

  • A small transactional (corporate, finance) team of 2-3 young and dynamic partners, to start as a core for future growth;
  • A team focused on the energy and infrastructure sectors, aligning to the firm’s global sector focus;
  • The office could come from an existing team or separate partner-led teams covering the relevant practice areas.

Once the search criteria was agreed we used our tested methodology: combining our extensive database and market intelligence as well as our existing network and industry recommendations, to market map and to formulate a shortlist which was then agreed with the client.

We identified teams within both local and foreign law firms whose practices and client-base were international and synergistic with our client. This shortlist included both multi-partner teams and also single partner-led teams that could join together to form a cohesive core office.

Having worked with this client for many years, recruiting over 30 partners globally, we understood the culture and approach so in addition to business fit we were able to ensure that the shortlisted candidates were people our client could envisage working with. 

After meeting the shortlisted candidates several times, our client decided to move forward with one existing team of two partners that could provide a foundation for future growth. 

We then worked with the Team to develop their business plan and complete the client’s Lateral Partner Questionnaire.  We facilitated the arrangement of additional meetings with partners at the client globally, negotiating and signing the contracts, and managing resignations and start dates.

Throughout the entire process we worked closely with both our client and the Team to ensure the process kept to the agreed timeline; the office opening was finalised within 7 months. 

We also helped support our client to agree office logistics and devise a plan for further strategic development of the office.

Our client was able to find and hire the right initial team to open their Madrid office and from that core team we helped them to further build out into other strategic practice areas; recruiting two additional partners over the next 18 months.

One of the original partners continues as the dynamic office Managing Partner today, 8+ years later, leading a highly rated and profitable office a true indication of longevity and success! 

“V&P Global assisted us to find a foreign law merger partner for our Singapore law firm.  We were fussy about what the right foreign firm had to look like.  We were in a very good position ourselves in the market and didn’t need to do a deal but could see the potential if we found the right partner.  We had a clear criterion of 5-6 points and we had to ensure those boxes were ticked.  We really appreciated the fact that the team spent a lot of time really understanding what we wanted, and our business, to find the right partner; they were patient but also persistent in ensuring we got the right deal for us.  They arranged a number of introductions for us to foreign firms and then supported us through the whole process of closing the deal and then also the regulatory process. Their  knowledge of the legal market is extensive, and they clearly understand the commercial drivers and challenges of doing such a complex deal; we always felt in the best hands.” Managing Partner, Singapore

“We approached V&P Global for a search that we had been disappointed on by another search firm. It was a rescue mission, but they completely understood what needed to be done. They worked with us to establish a ‘message to market’ that partners could understand and buy into. Their methodology and occupational psychology knowledge were excellent, they were thorough, always available and imaginative. The person we hired was not someone we would have thought of initially! We enjoyed working with them.” – Managing Partner, London

“V&P Global has an outstanding team of highly experienced search professionals with a sector and practice focus which contributes invaluable knowledge to every search they conduct. I have enjoyed great success working with the team.” Partner and Head of Infrastructure, Construction and Energy Group – City Law firm.

Partner and team representation 

Project Finance Partner – Dubai
We were approached by a partner looking to change firms who had never previously made a move.

Initial scope
The partner was a lifelong partner at their firm, however, while their originations and revenue generation were sizeable, they felt they were being side-lined by high profile hires who brought minimal real value clients. This created friction within the group. Further, their area of focus was on African projects which they felt was undervalued for internal, political reasons rather than for commercial ones. Due to the small and highly networked market in the Middle East, the partner was very concerned about confidentiality. This concern was further compounded by the volatile political situation within the firm.

We agreed with the partner that a firm needed some brand and capability within projects to support his deals. Some experience, plus a continued interest, in advising on African projects was crucial. Their practice was principally made up of sponsors but they knew and had worked with most of the lenders in their core region so the target firm needed to want to grow their sponsor side projects practice and also be able to support existing lender relationships.

We already knew of several firms who were interested in growing their project finance practices and of those there were a number of firms who had global African projects practices which the partner could augment from Dubai. We also looked at a mixture of lender driven and sponsor driven project finance teams who might benefit from the partner’s relationships and vice versa. The partner had a strong idea of firms and teams he rated and those he didn’t based on working across from them in a small market. However, we presented an overview based on the criteria he outlined and while he was unsure about a few, he agreed to speak to the firms we suggested.

We arranged initial interviews with the firms agreed upon, which provided him with further insight into a range of different firms and teams. He was pleasantly surprised to find that his initial misgivings about some of the firms changed after these initial conversations. The partner realized that some of what he had heard about firms were market misconceptions and he was able to learn more about those firms and discover how they could fit with his practice.

The firm the partner joined was not one he would have previously considered. We were able to outline to the partner that they did fulfil the criteria he was looking for and during the interview process they impressed him with their culture; the time and care they gave to their meetings with him and their commitment to integrating him and working with him through interview process (and after) to build a combined business case.

The partner has become an integral part of the firm’s widely recognised global African project finance practice. We were happy to be able to help him take this important next step in his career and to ensure that the process was smooth, efficient and confidential.


Construction partner – Singapore
We worked with a construction partner who was looking to relocate back to Singapore and join a firm with global capabilities.

Initial scope
The partner in question wanted to join a firm with an excellent global construction practice which would support their clients and have a strategic need for someone with his experience. The partner had a proven track record of developing a practice and client base, a regional Asia practice and network, front and back end construction practice, and specific experience within the energy and infrastructure sectors so needed a firm which could accommodate this.

The process
Upon understanding the partner’s needs and expectations, we were quickly able to tell them about a client firm who had told us they were looking to develop their Singapore offering. The firm had an extensive global construction offering, but Singapore was a less established office within the firm. Construction was a key growth area, and the firm was specifically looking to add to their Singapore offering, given market opportunities and the flow of existing client investments into South East Asia.

The partner had a number of meetings, both in person and via VC, with stakeholders at the firm in Asia and internationally. The candidate was swiftly able to understand the firm’s existing platform, strategic rationale and the exciting opportunity for them to work with an integrated global group to build a market leading practice in the Asia region. This all fit well with what the partner was looking for, and within approximately 3 months, a joint business plan was developed and approved. We advised the candidate through offer and acceptance, navigating their resignation and timing of notice period, and they started at the new firm within approximately 6 months of the first meeting.  

This was an ideal strategic move for the partner we were working with. Not only were they able to move back to Singapore, the firm they joined clearly aligned across practice, sector and jurisdiction and there was clear potential to combine and build together. 

IP team move – Paris
A mutual connection referred a market leading IP partner in Paris to V&P who had frustrations with their, then, firm. They had had poor experiences with recruiters previously and were very concerned about information being leaked as the Paris market, particularly within IP, is a small one. They were particularly worried about damaging their negotiation position with their firm if information was leaked.

 Initial Scope
We met with the partner and took time to understand the issues or ‘push factors’ at their current firm:

  • Increasingly high and rigid charge out rates;
  • Minimal commitment to IP globally;
  • Minimal European team to work with / cross sell to which meant the partner couldn’t continue to grow their practice of global clients with global legal requirements.

In addition, the partner’s team was integral to the provision they were able to offer clients so any firm the partner joined needed to have space and appetite to hire the wider team.

We needed to find a platform which dealt with these push factors and had sufficiently attractive pull factors. We used our market knowledge of leading IP firms and their clients, culture and growth plans to suggest a shortlist of options. We agreed with the partner to have initial, discreet exploratory conversations with a selection from this shortlist. We conducted initial conversations to explore the target firms’ strategies in further detail and reported back as to our suggested final target list of firms to approach.

One firm stood out from the outset in terms of fitting the criteria as well as having additional attractive elements. This firm was able to provide greater flexibility regarding rates, a committed strategy to continue growing IP and a more full-service European offering to work with. In addition, they had a more international platform and a larger client-base from IP rich industries for the partner to work with. They were also keen to bring in the wider team.

We supported the partner through the interview process, including VCs with international partners, trips to meet international partners, business planning and individual resignations of the entire team. This was all completed without the partner’s firm, or the market, hearing before the partner was ready.

We were able to turn an increasingly difficult situation into an opportunity for the partner and their team to join a firm where they could lead and successfully build the European IP practice. We hope we also changed their mind on the value of recruiters.


Private client team move – London
Our private wealth team worked on one of the largest recent private client moves in the market, having been approached a private wealth team to identify appropriate firms and handle the process of the whole team move from introduction to onboarding.

Initial scope
After a number of changes and mergers at their current firm, the team felt they were no longer going to be supported within the strategy of their firm at the time.

Therefore, they wanted to find a firm:

  • Which was aligned with the team’s core values and their way of working, in partnership with people who understand the ins and outs of what they do and with sufficient ancillary teams around who could support their clients, but not so big as to make the team feel like they were a small cog in the wheel. 
  • Where they would be valued, and would be afforded the time to settle in.
  • Which would allow the whole team to flourish.

They needed headhunters who knew the market well, had extensive experience and were discreet in their approach.

We spoke with all the key stakeholders to identify the most important aspects to each one of them from a personal as well as a team perspective.

Knowing the private wealth market well, we recognised that this kind of move required an extra level of discretion. We agreed a very targeted shortlist and approached those firms putting in place NDA’s and limiting the information to the Boards of the hiring firms.  

The team quickly identified which firm which was the perfect fit.

From there we were able to help the team produce all the necessary documentation including a group business plan. We helped negotiate packages for all members of the team and, in all, just over 20 people moved as a cohesive group.

What started as a difficult time for the team, became a move to a perfectly aligned platform which fit them like a glove. They were happy they were able to move on good terms with their previous firm, without the news of the move reaching the market before all parties were ready.

“V&P was absolutely first class in terms of understanding what I needed in my next move – I was looking to return home.  The team quickly understood the nuances involved in making such a move and identified the potential issues –they obviously have an excellent understanding of the dynamics involved.  There were moments during the process that required an appropriately calibrated approach and their experience shone through – that provided the platform for the timing of my departure from my previous firm to be spot on – thanks so much V&P!” –  Construction Partner, Global law firm, Singapore

“When I first decided to make a move with my career after more than a decade with the same firm, I quickly realised just how daunting the process could be.  It also became apparent to me how important it was to work with a trustworthy and experienced headhunter.  It was for these reasons that I was extremely fortunate to have had V&P Global support and guide me steadily through the hiring process.  They were exceptionally proactive and experienced, often providing me with much needed advice on everything from interview preparation to negotiating the offer which I eventually accepted happily” – Global law firm, Singapore)

“I had a longstanding relationship with V&P Global and approached them about moving. I was extremely pleased with the support they provided. They had a thorough understanding of the French legal market but, more importantly of French IP, and how to support the transition from a French firm to an international firm which can be complicated. They took the time to understand the nuances of mine and my partner’s proposition, I particularly rated their discretion which can be an issue in a small market such as Paris. I would recommend them to any partner in Paris looking to move.” –  IP / Tech Partner, Paris

“I was recommended to V&P Global by my mentor, a senior partner, who knew Frank Varela. My requirements were in-depth market advice and absolute discretion. I had not moved previously so I did not want my move to be in the marketplace until I was ready for it to be. I worked with Frank and Sophie and the recruitment process was smooth, efficient, consultative and diligent. I got exactly the move that I wanted, but to a firm that I hadn’t even thought about joining and if it hadn’t been for their thoughtful market overview, one I would not have approached.” – Partner infrastructure, Dubai/Abu Dhabi.

“I found the service that I received from V&P Global when I moved to my present to be firm first class, they outlined the recruitment process at each firm I spoke with, they knew the nuances, the key issues and they had a thorough understanding of the market. It was a consultative, diligent and strategic approach. There were some tricky moments in my move, but their experience just shone through and made a big difference in getting the package, the timing and my departure just spot on.” – Projects Partner, London

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Tel: +44 (0) 20 7980 3030


Tel: +(0) 20 7980 3030


Tel: +(0) 20 7980 3030